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The Legacy Continues - Lutheran Foundation News

Lutheran Foundation caregivers ringing the donor bell.

The Legacy Continues Campaign is off to a great beginning. In July 2021 and following a feasibility study, the Lutheran Foundation Board of Directors announced approval to move forward with a five-year, $12M comprehensive fundraising campaign. Co-chairs of the campaign, Dr. Jennifer Caskey and Zach Urban, along with Executive Director of the Lutheran Medical Center Foundation, Kathie Repola, are pleased to report that the campaign was at 39 percent  to goal at the end of May! The photo to the left shows Foundation caregivers ringing the donor bell.

This is exciting news and we would like to acknowledge with much appreciation some of our very generous supporters who have kicked off this campaign with their leadership gifts: 

  • Dr. Jennifer Caskey 
  • The Estate of Lee Fisher 
  • Dr. Betsy Brew and Bob Van Wetter 
  • Dr. Doug and Ardith Hunter 
  • Ron Hagmeyer 
  • The Estate of Robert Irish 
  • Guy Nahmiach and Jane Newman 
  • John and Michelle O’Dorsio 
  • The Spano Family Foundation 
  • John and Jeannie Witwer 
  • The Schlessman Family Foundation 
  • The Estate of Ms. Gracye Wilhite 
  • The Marion Milton Trust 
  • Mr. George Fosha 
  • Rick and Karen Adams 
  • The Phyllis M. Coors Foundation 

We are honored by the generosity of those who invest in the health of our community and inspire others to participate. Every gift counts in the Legacy Continues Comprehensive Campaign and we invite you to join us as we advance healthcare for Jefferson County and West Denver. To get involved and learn more, contact Kathie Repola at 303.467.4802 or katherine.repola@sclhealth.org