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Building the Hospital of the Future

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Wheat Ridge, CO - Construction is now officially underway on Lutheran Medical Center’s new hospital in Wheat Ridge. The state-of-the-art facility—which will anchor the Clear Creek Crossing development at I-70 and 40th Avenue—has been meticulously designed to meet the healthcare needs of patients and staff today and for decades in the future.

“Our 70-year-old hospital has served us well but its old infrastructure is limiting,” explains Grant Wicklund, president of Lutheran Medical Center. “This new hospital will enable us to provide innovative healthcare for generations to come.”

Exceptional Patient Experience

The new hospital, which is expected to open in 2024, has been intentionally designed to provide exceptional patient experience—allowing for streamlined care and advanced healing. For example, every room in the hospital boasts a spacious layout, floor-to-ceiling windows and private bathroom. Rooms are grouped into small, 16-bed inpatient units, each with its own decentralized nursing station.

“Decentralized nursing provides tremendous benefits for both patients and staff,” explains Andrea Burch, chief operating officer and chief nursing officer for Lutheran Medical Center. “Nurses have more time at the bedside with all needed supplies close at hand. This provides for a quieter, more efficient unit and enhanced patient care.”

Advanced Services

The new hospital will continue to provide highly sophisticated medical care—from neurosurgery and Level 2 trauma care to advanced cardiac treatment. But new technology and efficient design will further improve services. For example, the hospital’s rooftop helipad will be located directly above the cardiac catheter lab and emergency department. A special trauma elevator will transport patients from the helipad to these critical services.

“For some emergency patients, every minute makes a difference,” says Burch. “With direct and easy access to emergency care from our helipad, we will be able to care for these patients even faster.”

The new hospital will also easily adapt to future healthcare needs. All inpatient rooms will have the size and technical capabilities to convert directly to intensive care rooms.

“As healthcare advances, hospital stays in the future may be reserved for more critically ill patients,” explains Burch. “Convertible rooms allow us to be flexible in our care.”

A Focus on Healing

From state-of-the-art security technology, an easily navigated floorplan and a peaceful environment—Lutheran Medical Center has incorporated thoughtful details to reduce the stress of a hospital visit.

“Everything we’ve done is intentional,” says Wicklund. “Our goal is to be the most patient-centered hospital in the region.”

Burch agrees, “The community has given Lutheran their love and loyalty for generations. This facility is a way we can pay them back. We are excited for the opportunity to serve the community in this new way.”

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Leaving a Legacy

Although Lutheran Medical Center looks forward to serving the community in our new hospital, we care deeply about the space we are leaving behind. And we are excited for the opportunities our legacy campus will provide.

Lutheran Medical Center has worked in partnership with the City of Wheat Ridge to develop a master plan for the approximately 100 acres the medical campus currently occupies. The master planning process has involved the community and given stakeholders a voice into this plan.

This vision entails transforming the campus to a multiuse space for residential, office and civic use as well as green space. It will also continue serving as home to some health services, including Lutheran Medical Center’s hospice program and the Medical Group in the Foothills medical office building.

“Planning has truly been a community effort,” explains Steven Chyung, senior vice president of supply chain and real estate. “Lutheran Medical Center is moving just down the road and we are thrilled this space will meet so many needs for the people of Wheat Ridge.”

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Learn more about plans for Lutheran Medical Center’s legacy campus space at scl.health/journal-LutheranLegacyCampus.

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