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St. Vincent Physician Recovering After COVID-19 Hospitalization

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Billings, MT - Excerpt from The Billings Gazette:

As Dr. Adam Zelka battled with COVID-19 at St. Vincent Healthcare in November, his lungs’ oxygen levels were finally high enough that he could stand up alongside his hospital bed.

It was such a momentous occasion, 38-year-old Zelka took a selfie to send to his wife.

He had been lying still in bed for four or five days. As the virus ravaged his lungs, even the slightest movements would sink his oxygen saturation levels. ... As a physician, he anticipated needing the heated high-flow oxygen. He also knew that if the high-flow oxygen didn’t help, he’d be put on a Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure, or BiPAP, machine. This machine delivers pressurized air that helps open the lungs. If that didn’t work, a ventilator would’ve been next.

“I was this close,” Zelka said, displaying a small gap between his thumb and finger.

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