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St. Vincent Neurosurgeon Helps Billings Man with Chronic Back Pain Find Relief


Billings, MT - A neurosurgeon for 34 years and on staff at St. Vincent since 2006, Dr. Stuart Goodman specializes in functional neurosurgery. The goal of functional neurosurgery is to work on reducing a patient’s pain, improving motor function and reducing spasticity.

“Anything from Parkinson’s and tremor to patients who have chronic pain because of bad spines and have had multiple surgeries that have failed,” he said. “Or patients who have pain and no surgery is going to help them, and we need to reduce their pain so they can be more functional.”

One type of treatment he uses is the spinal cord stimulator, which delivers low-voltage electrical current continuously to the spinal cord, to block the sensation of pain.

In 2017, Goodman started using the high-frequency Nevro HF10, which is silent, so a person can use it continuously and never feel it working.

"As soon as I got off the hospital bed I could feel the difference. It was unbelievable. I went from a nine on the pain scale down to a one," said spinal cord stimulation patient, Tom Hoerster, 63. "It totally changed my life. I'm so grateful for Dr. Goodman."

Learn more about Dr. Goodman's approach to spinal cord stimulation and how it changed Hoerster's life in this Billings Gazette story. 

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