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St. Vincent Healthcare Welcomes First Triplets of 2019


Billings, MT - When Megan Muth first found out that she was pregnant, she had no idea that she would soon welcome three new lives into the world. She was originally from Sheridan, Wyoming, where she had her first daughter, Emma.

Coming from a small community, the Muth’s knew they had to choose a large hospital with experienced staff to treat her during pregnancy. She was recommended to seek treatment from Dr. Roger Wallace, a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist at St. Vincent Healthcare.

“The doctors back home told me I would either have to go to Denver or Billings for care because I was considered a high-risk pregnancy,” she said. “I chose to go to St. Vincent.”

During her first ultrasound, Muth was originally told that she was having twins. Another sac was existent, but there was no heartbeat. Following her twelve-week ultrasound, there was miraculously a third baby.

“The doctor explained that maybe she just had a later start,” the mother said.

Following her first ultrasound after finding out that she was having triplets, the doctors informed her that the smallest child may not make it because the third baby was so much smaller than the other two.

At 25 weeks and 5 days, the Muth’s were faced with a tough decision. They had to decide if they were going to keep going with the pregnancy or not because they would most likely lose the third child and put the other two at risk. After further discussion, they decided to deliver six weeks later.

On September 21, the family welcomed three new additions, including the energetic bundle of joy, June, who made her appearance being smaller than her sisters, Anne and Maybelle.

“June is a warrior,” said Muth. “She has a lot of purpose on this earth.”

It has taken several weeks, but the little ones are thriving, continuing to gain weight and become healthier. The Muth triplets are the only set of triplets that St. Vincent Healthcare has seen thus far in 2019 and the mother recounts that her experience within the facility is one that she would recommend to anyone.

“St. Vincent is really the place to go for childbirth,” said Muth. “We had heard it from others before, but now we have truly experienced it first hand.”

Thanks to the nurses, providers and volunteers — the triplets are doing really well. The Muth family recounted of the personal and compassionate care that they received, noting that they truly felt welcome.

“With the care and love that my babies and the rest of my family received, I knew that they would be taken care of at the end of the day,” said Muth. “Because of St. Vincent’s care, nothing about this journey has been bad.”

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