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St. Vincent Healthcare Receives Four Awards from LifeCenter Northwest

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Billings, MT - St. Vincent Healthcare is proud to be the recipient of four awards from LifeCenter Northwest, in recognition of their donation performance.

Most notably, St. Vincent is the recipient of the annual Donation Innovation Award—presented to one hospital that demonstrates a commitment to careful evaluation of their organ donation processes and takes specific steps to improve outcomes. St. Vincent has significantly improved its patient experience and donation culture while creatively honoring and supporting donor families.

A few examples of this work in action include the creation of a butterfly art project to honor pediatric patients, offering donor families a recording of their loved one’s heartbeat set to music and implementing a process for acknowledging when life support is being withdrawn—so passersby respect the magnitude of what’s taking place. The hospital has also developed a “Wall of Heroes” in the main lobby that features portraits and stories of past donors.

Today, St. Vincent Healthcare held a ceremony to accept the four awards from LifeCenter Northwest and add a new donor portrait/story to the Wall of Heroes.

This ceremony also celebrated the start of National Donor Sabbath, which is observed from Nov. 13-15 this year. During National Donor Sabbath, faith leaders from many religions, donor families, transplant recipients and donation professionals participate in services and programs to educate the public about the need for the lifesaving and healing gifts passed to others through transplantation—while also encouraging people to register their decision to be organ, eye and tissue donors.

In addition to the Donation Innovation Award, St. Vincent earned three other LifeCenter Northwest awards for their donation excellence:

  • Organ Donation Referral Achievement Award: With this award, LifeCenter recognizes St. Vincent’s consistency in making timely referral calls, a commitment that is both incredibly challenging and integral to positive donation outcomes. This award is reserved for those reaching or exceeding a timely organ referral rate of 90 percent. St. Vincent is one of only 15 hospitals in LifeCenter Northwest’s donation service area—comprising four states and 200-plus hospitals—to receive this award.
  • Collaboration Achievement Award: With this award, LifeCenter recognizes St. Vincent’s ability to plan a collaborative family conversation with our staff, thus ensuring the best possible family experience. This award is reserved for those reaching or exceeding a collaborative request rate of 90 percent. St. Vincent is one of only 34 hospitals in the donation service area of 200 facilities over 4 states, to receive this award.
  • Organ Donation Achievement Award: With this award, LifeCenter Northwest recognizes St. Vincent’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that every donation opportunity is preserved and realized to the best of their ability. Moreover, this award recognizes the many collective actions that contribute to positive donation outcomes: Consistent referrals, caring for potential donors and collaborating with LifeCenter Northwest. St. Vincent Healthcare is one of only 19 hospitals in our donation service area of 4 states and 200 facilities to receive this award.
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