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St. Vincent Healthcare New Hope Rehabilitation Center Closes After 40 Years of Care


Billings, MT - On July 9, 1979 the first patient arrived at the St. Vincent Healthcare New Hope Rehabilitation Center. In the 40 years since that day, New Hope has provided exceptional rehabilitation treatment for adults and adolescents at St. Vincent Healthcare. On August 1, 2019 many of our current and past caregivers and providers gathered at New Hope one last time as we celebrated the tremendous impact New Hope has had on our patients over the past four decades and look forward to a new chapter with The Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana.

“This was truly a celebration of the legacy of hope that has filled New Hope unit for the past four decades,” said Michael Skehan, St. Vincent Chief Operating Officer. “We are incredibly proud of the care our New Hope team has provided to our community throughout the past several decades.”

A key member of that team was Dr. Patti LaHaie. Dr. LaHaie spent more than three decades caring for patients at the St. Vincent Healthcare New Hope Rehabilitation Center.

“So many people are vested in the patients that came here,” said Dr. Patti LaHaie, Medical Director of Rehabilitation. “We’ve celebrated their ups and downs and their small achievements and their big achievements. It’s been years of miracles that we’ve witnessed here. After working here for 30 years it is really hard to say goodbye to this team and all the investments that they have put into New Hope.”

Countless lives have been improved and transformed through the compassionate and excellent care that has occurred at New Hope, including the life of Mike Glancy. Glancy was a patient on New Hope 10 years ago after suffering from an autoimmune disorder. After two and a half months of rehab, Glancy was one of the longest staying patients in New Hope’s history.

“They started me in water therapy, and that is when I knew I would walk again and nothing would stop me ever again,” said Glancy.

Not only did New Hope help Glancy get back to his life, but it taught him about compassion and the vitality of caring for others. Glancy will serve as the Central Supply Manager at The Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana.

St. Vincent Healthcare is confident that strong legacy of hope and quality care will continue at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana.

“I am going to miss seeing and working alongside these people. It is the end of an era, but it is also a beginning to a new dawn. New Hope will forever be a part of me and they are memories I will never forget,” said Dr. LaHaie.

St. Vincent Healthcare has partnered with Kindred Healthcare and Billings Clinic in the creation of The Rehabilitation Hospital of Montana. The new facility, located on the Billings’ West End, will welcome its first patients on August 6, 2019.

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