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St. Mary's Breast Care Center gets new AI technology

This October breast experts recommend women schedule their annual screening mammogram

Mammo equipment

When life gets busy and people are focused on what’s happening in front of them, they can forget to schedule needed medical appointments. For women this includes sometimes skipping their annual mammogram.  

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and caregivers from St. Mary’s Breast Care Center will hand out pink carnations and sign women up for potentially lifesaving screenings at the Grand Junction Air Show on Oct. 14-15. Intermountain Health is a sponsor of the air show.  

“We know all eyes will be on the skies that weekend. Amid the celebration we wanted to provide a gentle reminder for women to take the key step of scheduling a screening mammogram,” said Erica Kinsey, manager of Radiation Oncology and the Breast Care Center. “We want women to be healthy so they can be there for the people they care about and those who rely on them.” 

Women who receive their annual mammogram at St. Mary's Breast Care Center also benefit from new technology. The center recently introduced the Hologic 3Dimensions mammography unit. The unit uses artificial intelligence detection technology to identify characteristics commonly associated with cancer and marks the images for more thorough evaluation by the radiologist. The program also provides a score to indicate how confident that area may be cancerous.  

In addition to identifying the potential cancers, the software provides information that helps the team of physicians prioritize their work knowing which mammograms need immediate attention or which may take more time to review.  

Additional improvements with the new unit include the ability to produce higher resolution images and to complete a scan in less time, decreasing the time the breast is compressed and increasing comfort for patients.  

In the United States, one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. Survival rates have increased dramatically in recent decades thanks to increases in annual screenings. 

To schedule a screening, call 970-298-6900, or visit