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Lucy Wanted to See the World Early, and Lutheran Was Ready!


Wheat Ridge, CO - Few things in life will make new parents more anxious and unprepared than knowing their baby is about to be born too early. When Lucy Griffeth decided to make her appearance nearly 15 weeks early, her mom and dad, Sarah and Loren, did not know what to expect.

Sarah hadn’t been feeling great and had been to the doctor to make sure everything was going well with her pregnancy. After attending a holiday party, it was decided that to be safe, she should come to Lutheran Medical Center for tests and monitoring. Finally, it was clear that baby had decided she was ready to see the world, as Sarah explains it.

Lucy, weighing in at 1 pound, 11 ounces, was born at Lutheran on Dec. 19. Her parents heard her cry and were able to hold her tiny hand for a few minutes before she was whisked away to the Saint Joseph Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) by a medical support team that had been standing by.

Lucy was able to keep growing and thriving for next the 72 days until it was safe for her to go home. The first time her parents were able to hold her, in the skin-to-skin contact recommended for all new babies, was Christmas Day.

“The nurses said she was a rock star,” Sarah says. “Everyone was amazed at how well she did.”

Thanks to that higher level of neonatal care and an entire team at both hospitals, Lucy is home and doing great, and is no longer on oxygen.

“It was amazing to receive that kind of care,” Sarah notes. “They [nurses and doctors] were all miracle workers. I want to thank them all because they are changing lives and having such an impact on families. Lucy’s good health is also thanks to a lot of prayer. God has been good to us.”

Despite being born nearly 15 weeks early, “Lucy is doing everything right,” Loren says. “She’s a very content baby and so happy.”

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