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Intermountain Healthcare Donates Financial Gifts to Community Partners

Good Samaritan Medical Center Check Presentation

Intermountain Healthcare recognizes the value of collaborating with community organizations to further our mission. As a part of its ongoing community benefit program, in March 2022, Intermountain approved $525,000 in Community Contributions to nine partners in Colorado and Montana to support health improvement programming. The funds are being given through one-time contributions to qualified non-profit and governmental partners.  

The Community Contributions are about our hospitals' legacies in the communities they serve, Intermountain Peaks Region's commitment to community, and addressing the community health needs uncovered during our Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) in 2018 and 2021. The contributions were made in the following categories: Improve Mental Well-Being, Address the Social Determinants of Health and Improve Access. 

On July 15, Intermountain Healthcare Peaks Region President, Mark Korth, visited Good Samaritan Medical Center, Lutheran Medical Center and Mount Saint Vincent to present the financial gifts.  

At Good Samaritan, a $15,000 check was given to Boulder County Area Agency on Aging (BCAAA) in support of its Aging Mastery Program (AMP) which helps older adults make meaningful changes to live well, do well and age well, minimizing their risk for mental stressors like depression and anxiety.   

AMP is a six-week fun, innovative and interactive program that empowers older adults and caregivers in Boulder County to spend more time each day doing things that are good for themselves. The classes are free and are hosted at Good Samaritan.  

“We prioritize giving to align with community health priorities identified by members of our community in order to allow for a broader impact,” said Mark Korth. “One of our priorities is improving mental well-being which includes efforts to decrease frequent mental distress rates and depression rates. The Boulder County Area Agency On Aging is well positioned to help people live healthier and happier lives with the incredible services and resources they provide.”

Lutheran Medical Center Check Presentation

At Lutheran Medical Center, Chuck Ault, Senior Director of Regional Community Health Improvement for Intermountain Healthcare, joined Calvin Beasley, Lutheran Medical Center VP of Integrative Services, to present a $20,000 gift to the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation to support the Jefferson County Homeless Navigation and the City of Wheat Ridge Homeless Navigation programs.  

The Homeless Navigator is part of a county-wide navigation model that works directly with people experiencing homelessness or who are at imminent risk of homelessness find stable housing and connect them with services and resources to maintain that housing. The funds will be used for move-in kits, transportation and motel vouchers, housing deposits, hats, mittens and gloves.  

“As part of our mission to help people live healthier lives, we support community organizations that provide services that align with Intermountain’s mission and values,” said Mark Korth. “We are committed to helping support organizations like the Wheat Ridge Community Foundation and others in the communities that previously were served by Legacy SCL Health across Colorado and Montana.”  

Mount Saint Vincent Check Presentation

A $50,000 check was given to Mount Saint Vincent to help support its innovative programs that provide foster care services for children and families recovering from trauma, abuse and neglect, as well as a high-quality early childhood learning center to help all children develop age-appropriate social and academic skills. 

“For more than 130 years, Mount Saint Vincent has transformed the lives of thousands of young people,” said Mark Korth. “We look forward to continuing to partner with them as we continue to evolve and create a model for the future of healthcare that focuses on keeping young people healthy and proactively provides behavioral health treatment, foster care services, individualized training, and trauma-informed training. Mount Saint Vincent is an important part of the Intermountain family, and we are proud to be able to help support the continuum of care for children and families recovering from trauma.