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Holy Rosary Provides Pediatric Cardiology Outreach in Eastern Montana

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Miles City, MT - Finding specialty care in rural areas can sometimes be difficult. When injury or a health condition requires medical attention, many families are required to travel great distances to receive care.

Fortunately, Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City sees a great number of traveling specialists, who visit periodically to offer appointments to patients.

Dr. Andrew Lashus, the Pediatric Cardiologist at St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings, is one of these traveling specialists. Having been with SCL Health for nearly six years, and another healthcare system in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for quite some time prior to practicing in Montana, Dr. Lashus brings a wealth of knowledge and a high level of care to each patient that he sees.

“Outreach is ultimately about access,” said Dr. Andrew Lashus. “For families in eastern Montana and western North Dakota, services like this save families time and money.”

Every couple months, Dr. Lashus, as well as several other specialists, travels to Holy Rosary to provide care to nearly a dozen patients. Holy Rosary Healthcare is part of the SCL Health System, which intentionally focuses on the concept of keeping care close to home; this means that patients and families have readily available healthcare services and professionals close to them, without having the burden of extensive travel.

Dr. Lashus provides initial evaluations for any potential heart concerns based on personal symptoms (palpitations, chest pain, fainting, etc), family history (potentially inheritable genetic conditions), or exam findings and follow-up evaluations for known heart problems. He takes pride in helping and working with young patients and their families as they navigate their cardiac condition, which may be either congenital or acquired.

“The families are always super happy that I am there and super appreciative of the service that I am providing,” said Dr. Lashus. “Eastern Montana has a great trust in their medical providers, so it is wonderful to work in such a traditional medical environment. Getting the chance to help anyone is truly an amazing thing.”

For more information about traveling specialists and the services that they provide, call Holy Rosary at 406-233-2500 or click here.

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