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Holy Rosary Now Offering Wound Care Services

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Miles City, MT - Approximately 8 million people in the U.S. live with chronic wounds, more than the number of people with breast, colon and lung cancers combined. These wounds, which persist and won’t heal, often are caused by diseases like diabetes that affect blood circulation and also may occur in people who use wheelchairs or are bedridden. Holy Rosary Healthcare is now offering wound care services twice a month to assist patients with similar health issues in eastern Montana through an outreach program with St. Vincent Healthcare.

For 83-year-old Carola Moline, of Miles City, she has experienced firsthand the benefits of Holy Rosary’s newly offered wound care service. Several years ago, Moline suffered a few different leg injuries that required her to wear leg braces to aid in the healing process. The braces seemed to have created a long-lasting irritation that developed on her leg and foot, which later developed into a wound that would not properly heal. This caused her feet to swell, the wound to leak, and then a large-spreading infection.

In January 2021, she started experiencing even more serious wound issues and was soon diagnosed with lymphedema, a swelling of a body part, usually in the arm or leg, that is caused by a blockage in the lymphatic system, preventing the proper drainage of lymphatic fluid and resulting in edema (swelling) and discomfort.

The next several months required intensive therapies to help correct this chronic health issue and to Moline’s benefit, Holy Rosary began offering wound care services in March 2021. Together, Holy Rosary’s experienced team established a comprehensive plan to help Carola walk through the healing process.

“A chronic wound is one that has stalled in the healing process,” said Janel Barta, Wound Healing Manager. “Symptoms of these may include drainage, fever, odor, pain and swelling. We see chronic ulcers, burns and more, all of which we’re prepared to treat at Holy Rosary. This is a great service to offer to our hard-working community.”

At a patient’s first wound care appointment, Holy Rosary’s Wound Care team goes over their medical history, examines the affected area, then uses several diagnostic tools to help identify the cause of chronic wounds. From there, a treatment and healing process begins.

Since Carola first started visiting Holy Rosary’s wound care team, she has seen a significant improvement in her wounds.

“I am feeling good and my wounds are well on their way to being fully healed,” said Moline. “The team is very welcoming and skilled at what they do. I am so happy to have a service like this close to home.”

To learn more about the wound care services offered at Holy Rosary, call 406-237-8270.

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