Miles City, Mont.,
11:12 AM

Holy Rosary Healthcare Offers Increased Access to Care for Women Facing High-Risk Pregnancies

Dr. Hammad  and Dr. Littlefield

Dr. Ibrahim Hammad and Dr. Jay Littlefield, Holy Rosary Healthcare OB-GYN

The number of women experiencing pregnancy and childbirth complications is on the rise nationwide, with Montana among the states with the highest maternal mortality rates in the country. With a commitment to care for women across the region facing high-risk pregnancies and to keep their care closer to home, Holy Rosary Healthcare recently expanded its Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) services to better serve eastern Montana women and their families.

“Every mother-to-be looks forward to having a healthy pregnancy and newborn, but sometimes, there are difficulties or challenges that make a pregnancy ‘high-risk,’” said Dr. Jay Littlefield, Holy Rosary Healthcare OB-GYN provider. “It is wonderful to have access to MFM care for women in Miles City and our surrounding communities to help relieve the burden during what can be a difficult time for our expecting mothers.”

Through this program, Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist, Dr. Ibrahim Hammad, sees patients experiencing a high-risk pregnancy at Holy Rosary with additional telehealth options available to expand access to mothers in other rural communities. Patients benefit from expanded access to services at Holy Rosary and other SCL Health, now Intermountain Healthcare, facilities and affiliated clinics in Montana and through telemedicine. Additionally, the program includes education and support for providers and ultrasound education for sonographers to be able to provide Level II, high-risk ultrasounds at local healthcare facilities.

“It is so important that we reach the patients close to home to minimize the burden of seeking specialized care,” said Dr. Hammad. “By bringing this service to the Miles City community, we are fulfilling our mission and values. Personally, as an MFM physician, it is rewarding to help the women we serve, facing a high-risk pregnancy, minimize the stress during their pregnancy, which we believe is beneficial for the mother and her child.”

There are a number of factors that may lead a woman to experience a high-risk pregnancy, or a pregnancy that carries increased health risks for the mother or baby, requiring the need to see a specialist including: pre-existing health conditions, age, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes or other conditions.

To learn more visit or call the women’s health clinic at Holy Rosary, (406) 233-2500.