14:14 PM

Holy Rosary Caregivers Practice Skills on Training Mannequins Provided Through Grant

deAmbra Coleman teaching using the mannequin

Thanks to a grant provided by the Treacy Foundation, Holy Rosary Healthcare caregivers are now training on a family of simulation mannequins for ongoing education and scenario-based learning. The training mannequins include an adult, child, and newborn. Simulation training in healthcare prepares clinical staff for a variety of situations that they may encounter to improve skills and practice problem-solving. 

DeAmbra Coleman, Manager of Clinical Education at Holy Rosary, applied for the grant on behalf of Holy Rosary and is working with caregivers in using the new training tools. “Simulation learning experiences allow our clinicians and caregivers to practice their skills in a safe environment,” said Coleman. “It develops critical thinking strategies and aids in the retention of knowledge to improve patient care.” 

Recently Holy Rosary caregivers have used the mannequins for training on intubating patients, transferring immobile patients, code scenarios, and effective CPR.