Denver, Colo.,
13:33 PM

HER-STORY Made at Saint Joseph

OR-2_all female team


HER-STORY was recently made at Saint Joseph Hospital when an all-female cardiac surgery team came together in the operating room to perform an open-heart procedure. Women are underrepresented in the cardiac surgery profession and we want to celebrate this unique milestone and this incredible team. We are proud of the expert care they provide for our patients and the inspiration they provide for the next generation of girls who want to break barriers.

Pictured L-R Back Row: Kim Caesar (Cardiovascular Operating Room Registered Nurse-CV ORN), Dr. Megan Loo (Cardiothoracic Surgeon), Jacque Barnes-Little (CVORN), Megan Kelso (CV ORN)

Pictured L-R Front Row: Dr. Prairie Robinson (Anesthesiologist), Abi Solis (CV ORN), Rachel Thompson-Griffin (CV Surgical Technician), Corinne Cass (CV ORN), Jenna Mahan (CV Surgical Technician), Amanda Lin (CV ORN)