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Heart of Nursing: Nicole Lauwers, St. Vincent Healthcare


Billings, MT - Neuroscience always fascinated registered nurse Nicole Lauwers, specifically surgery of the brain and spine. While she thoroughly enjoyed working in geriatrics as a licensed practical nurse, she was looking for something a little more challenging. After becoming a registered nurse, she got her feet wet as a neurosurgery office nurse and worked with some of the most respected neurosurgeons in the community. According to Lauwers, there is never a dull moment in neurosurgery. Challenge accepted.

For the last six years, Lauwers has been working as an infusion nurse at St. Vincent Multiple Sclerosis Center (MS) ─ the only infusion center in the state. The goal at the center is to help people with MS manage their symptoms and lead more productive lives. Nurse Lauwers is extremely passionate about her patients and strives to provide them with the utmost respect and care while they receive their infusions.

"Nicole is the brightest and most compassionate nurse that I have ever worked with,” said Kris French, MD, MSCS, medical director at St. Vincent Multiple Sclerosis Center. “She always acts in the patients' best interest, and they adore her. Nicole is the biggest reason why St. Vincent Multiple Sclerosis Center is so successful. She adds a therapeutic level to our MS treatment model that is crucial to our patients."

Lauwers said she actually feels like a nurse in this position, noting it’s her favorite job ever. “I am largely removed from the paperwork and extremely involved in my patients’ lives,” she said. “I not only use the technical aspect of nursing, but I’m able to talk and engage with people.”

Being hooked up to an IV drip for an hour does not necessarily sound enjoyable; however, Lauwers has a way of making the time go by fast. So fast, that many patients actually look forward to their next appointment.

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