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Dr. Scott Sears Discusses Scams, Vaping, and Pediatrics


Billings, MT - There have been more and more cases of fraud happening in the healthcare industry in the sense of people hijacking the technology and asking for ransom so that medical staff can do their jobs. The closest case was in Gillette, Wyoming, where all the files on the server were locked. This is a big problem, especially in small towns around the country for both medical facilities and businesses. When locking the computer systems and forcing ransom, physicians and medical staff are unable to access patient files or care for those patients using technology. Keeping the patients safe and ensuring that there are little to no mistakes made thus not sacrificing the patient’s needs to meet those of someone else. Making adjustments on the computers and having ways to care for patients without the imaging and other resources we have come accustomed to when caring and diagnosing patients. If this were to happen to any business, it is recommended not to pay the ransom because you are more likely to be targeted more in the future. When something like this happens close to home, it is important to watch and learn from it.

Vaping, having been a large topic in the news recently, is being researched by the CDC to find whether or not it is related to pulmonary disease. It is important for parents to speak more openly with their children about vaping and all the risk factors that are known and what the unknown may look like health-wise. Vapes have been made into smaller, more concealable products, and there are many times parents have mistaken them for phone chargers. Vaping is extremely addicting, and it is interesting to think that something so dangerous can look like such a “cool device”. It is recommended to stay away from vapes, even the smoke.

Putting baby to bed with juice can be dangerous and research shows it is also hurting their health. There has been an increase in children with teeth rotting out at an earlier age. There is a lack of nutritional value in fruit juices and by allowing the children to sleep with juice can bring on more health issues. Those health issues include childhood obesity and diabetes. Fortunately, there is a fix! Children should follow the “schedule” of when they are given other products. Infants 0-6 months older should only drink breast milk or formula and at the age of 6 months, you can introduce water. After the child hits the year mark, they can be introduced to cows milk, which is more beneficial than other types of milk. They should still be limited in the number of other beverages they receive, less than one cup of day and none is better than any because the kids develop those tastes at a young age and then it follows them throughout life, keep it to water and regular milk until age 5. This information is more based on habits, rather than worrying about the health of teeth. Another way to give children the sugars is through fruits. The fiber in the fruit helps your body realize it is not just taking in the sugars rather it is taking in all the healthful benefits from the fruit. There have been vitamins created for children, but taking it in a concentrated form is not as beneficial. Rather children need these sugars, minerals, and other supplements taken into their bodies naturally. It is more recently been found that more energy comes from real fruit over the supplements. Toddler formulas have added sugars and other things that the children should not have in their system. Therefore children should be kept on milk and water until age 5 as a minimum.

St. Vincent Healthcare is proud to have a partnership with Utah. This program is to help to keep children and their families local. The surgeons are able to travel here to care for our patients and this growth for our partnership benefits both hospitals. These surgeons are board-certified and understand the difference in care for our infants that are overly small meaning they will be cared for in the best way possible. This creates less of a reliance on a general surgeon who may not have worked with kids in the same capacity.

-Scott Sears, MD - Medical Director of Primary Care, SCL Health Medical Group Montana

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