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St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation Dedicates a Modified SAINTS 2020 Event to Nelles Nurse Scholarship & Education Programs

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Billings, MT - Now, more than ever, healthcare professionals need our support. St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation is committed to meeting those needs by providing educational opportunities and financial assistance through the Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Programs.

The Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Programs have made a huge impact on St. Vincent Healthcare, as well as Billings and surrounding areas we serve. The original goal of the Nelles Nurse Program was to attract the "Best of the Best" to St. Vincent Healthcare. Thanks to the vision and generosity of Ralph Nelles, St. Vincent Healthcare is proud to say that for nearly two decades, we have been able to recruit, retain and educate nurses at St. Vincent Healthcare through this innovative program and its generous donors.

"St. Vincent Healthcare understands that our human capital is our most valuable asset and we are committed to acquire, retain and support talented and experienced medical professionals,” said Ty Elkin, St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation Executive Director. “That’s why we’re thrilled to have our SAINTS 2020 event go towards growing the Nelles Nurse Program. The Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Program helps us provide financial support to student nurses and our nursing associates in an effort to retain outstanding nurses who provide the highest quality care to our patients."

From the onset of COVID-19 in our community, St. Vincent Healthcare has kept the health and safety of our associates, patients and community as our top priority. With this commitment in mind, we recognize that the 2020 SAINTS Ball will have a different look than in years past. This year, the SAINTS campaign will culminate by celebrating the great care that our associates provide with an all day media event on Thursday, October 8, 2020. The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation has historically relied on the SAINTS Ball as our foremost fundraising event of the year -- and this year is no exception. The dollars raised through SAINTS are critical in the delivery of safe, quality healthcare to the communities in which we serve.

“Providing the best medical care to our community remains the top priority at St. Vincent Healthcare. In order to do that, we must also provide our caregivers with the tools and resources they need to excel, grow and perform professionally,” said Steve Loveless, St. Vincent Healthcare President. “By supporting SAINTS 2020 and the Nelles Nurse Program, we are creating a more experienced and advanced healthcare community.”

The Nelles Nurse Program was created in 2002 to support our medical community, ensuring that we maintain the highest healthcare standards and retain outstanding nurses and medical professionals in Montana. The Nelles Nurse Program provides scholarships to student nurses and financial support to medical professionals at St. Vincent Healthcare looking to advance their medical skills and knowledge. The Nelles Nurse Scholarships are currently awarded to up to 35 tenured nursing students (and up to $210,000 per year in tuition assistance) who have agreed to accept employment at St. Vincent Healthcare upon graduation as part of their scholarship agreement.

Donate online by visiting svh.org/SAINTS, by texting SAINTS to 32037, or by calling us on October 8 at 406-294-5910.

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