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Cancer Care Earns Circle of Care

Cancer Care Circle of Care


The Circle of Care donation received to honor Dr. Karng Log demonstrates how appreciated and respected he is among patients. The large group that gathers around the Medical Oncology office to celebrate Dr. Log shows his esteem within the department.

Having a great sense of humor, Dr. Log is known for lightening the mood and putting people at ease. These qualities prove valuable when helping patients navigate their lives through a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Dr. Log recognizes that such a diagnosis has a way of affecting every aspect of a patient's life.  "Although we treat cancer, my focus has always been more on a patient's quality of life, attempting to provide as much normalcy as possible," he says.

Board certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Log especially emphasizes quality of life when undergoing cancer treatment. If the situation is terminal, he helps patients discover what they want to accomplish with their remaining time.

Dr. Log shared a story of posing this question with a patient in his care who wanted to visit Hawaii. Following their conversation, the patient booked the trip and turned their dream into reality. Given the testimonies and widespread gratitude expressed for Dr. Log, it is clear he takes great care in his work.