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Billings man regains full mobility following motorcycle wreck that rendered him paralyzed

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Billings, MT - In late-January, 2020 Derek Riddle, 31, crashed his motorcycle while hill climbing in Cowley, Wyoming.

“I broke my neck and was lying there, paralyzed on the hill,” recalled Riddle. “My whole family was there and my stepmom is a registered nurse, so she knew how serious the situation was.”

Big Horn County Search and Rescue responded to the scene and Riddle was flown to St. Vincent Healthcare’s emergency department. Riddle had suffered a C5 spinal cord injury and required emergency spine surgery with St. Vincent neurosurgeon, Dr. Louis Ross.

Riddle’s spinal cord injury was severe. Damage to the C5 spinal cord often results in paralysis of the upper and lower body, known as quadriplegia.

“I was told early on that I might not walk again,” said Riddle. “But I wasn’t going to accept that. I refuse to be hurt. I have things to do, kids to take care of and a life to live.”

It was that attitude which carried Riddle through the next four months of recovery and rehabilitation. Riddle remained hospitalized at St. Vincent Healthcare until February 14 when he was flown to St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane, Washington. After 40 days of rehabilitation, Riddle took his first unassisted steps.

“I kept a positive attitude and worked incredibly hard,” explained Riddle. “I was determined to get better.”

His recovery, while remarkable, has been slow and steady. On March 18, Riddle was discharged from St. Luke’s and hasn’t used a wheelchair since April. He still has nerve pain and muscle spasms each morning and can’t feel hot and cold temperatures on his left leg. But the father of three has persevered and to symbolize how far he’d come since his accident, Riddle ran a foot-race in their backyard with his nephew exactly one year following his motorcycle crash.

“I’m proud of how far I’ve come, but I want to be 100-percent,” Riddle admitted. “With that said, I know that not everybody recovers from a C5 spinal cord injury to the extent that I have and I’m incredibly grateful.”

Grateful for his health, his loving family and kids, supportive friends and dedicated care teams.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon,” said Riddle. “Dr. Ross is awesome.”

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