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Amid Pandemic, SAINTS Fundraising Event to Support Medical Professionals

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Billings, MT - St. Vincent Healthcare registered nurse, Lindsie May, is passionate about providing the very best care to her patients -- especially during a pandemic. From picking up extra shifts and putting in long hours to monitoring herself for COVID-19 symptoms and keeping a safe distance from others while out in the community, May is committed to doing all she can to help ease the burden and slow the spread of COVID-19.

But she, like many of her fellow caregivers, is beginning to feel the heaviness of the pandemic as the volume of COVID-19 cases in and around Yellowstone County continues to rise.

Earlier in the pandemic, our local healthcare workers were encouraged by streets filled with signs with motivating words and the support of families and community members going outside each evening to “Howl at 8” in encouragement for our caregivers. May said that level of support was incredible and heartwarming.

“We were feeling support, however we weren’t in the trenches,” May told the Billings Gazette in an interview. “We need that support even more now, because COVID-19 is here and very present.”

The St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation is honored to provide the community with an opportunity to continue their support of our caregivers, by dedicating this year’s annual SAINTS event to our healthcare workers.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously impacted our daily lives, it is imperative that we be grateful for the healthcare heroes taking care of the sick and vulnerable….our nurses, physicians, pharmacists, and other medical professionals show up each day for us, now let’s show support for them!” said Ty Elkin, Executive Director of the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation.

SAINTS 2020 will benefit the Nelles Nurse Scholarship and Education Programs. The scholarships and educational opportunities provided to caregivers have made a huge impact on St. Vincent Healthcare, as well as Billings and surrounding areas we serve.

As a former Nelles Nurse herself, May is encouraging our community to donate and make a difference.

“It fosters a good group of nurses, and I think the nurses at St. V's are incredible and the Nelles Scholarship helps bring them here,” May said.

The dollars raised through this year’s SAINTS are critical in the delivery of safe, quality healthcare to the communities in which we serve. Donate online by visiting svh.org/SAINTS, by texting SAINTS to 32037, or by calling us today, October 8, at 406-294-5910 to benefit nurses like May.

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