Wheat Ridge, Colo.,
12:36 PM

Wheat Ridge Optimists Honor Lutheran ED

Mike Cunningham presents the award to Lutheran ED caregivers.

Lutheran Emergency Department caregivers and administrators were invited Wednesday to a special event at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center. 

The Wheat Ridge Optimists presented Lutheran with a Community Service Award to recognize them for their service to the community. Future events will also honor a police agency and a fire/EMS department in the coming weeks as part of the club’s support for first responders. 

Over the past two-and-a-half years, caregivers in the Lutheran ED have gone above and beyond due to the extreme demands brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of our Level II Trauma program. They have persevered in the face of staffing shortages and increasing numbers of patients, while working to decrease wait times and treat each person with compassion. These caregivers have performed heroically and under extreme pressure, and they continue to provide outstanding care to the sickest of patients in our community, saving lives and helping families. 

“At Lutheran, we have a service mentality, and we consider it both a challenge and an honor to serve this community,” said Grant Wicklund, Lutheran’s president. “Our caregivers are selfless and brave and they continue to do amazing work, 24/7 taking care of the community.”

Dr. Scott Miner, ED medical director, added: “There is a family culture at Lutheran, and it is a blessing to be able to practice there.” 

The Optimist Club of Wheat Ridge participates in numerous service projects in the community each year, with a special focus on children’s programs.