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Spot the Tot

The terms back-over and front-over refer to when an infant or child is accidentally rolled over by a moving vehicle in a driveway or parking lot. Though this may seem like a rare occurrence, it happens regularly and carries serious consequences. 

In the U.S., more than 580 children have died in backover/frontover accidents in the last five years, and over 15,000 are injured every year. 

These accidents can happen to anyone, but are preventable by taking a few precautions - and only a few seconds. 

Preventing Backovers & Frontovers 

To reduce blind spots: 

  • Make sure your side and rear mirrors are always properly adjusted. 
  • Adjust your driver's seat as high as needed to see clearly out the rear window. 
  • Have a backup camera? Great! But remember: even backup cameras have blind spots. 

It's important to teach your children not to play in, under or around vehicles, but just in case, it only takes a few seconds and a few simple precautions to prevent a backover or frontover accident. 

  • Make sure you know where all of your children are before you start to drive away, but with a full house - or a full neighborhood - you can never assume that everyone is out of harm's way. 
  • While drivers of large trucks, vans or SUVs should be especially cautious, every driver should follow these steps before leaving a driveway or parking lot. 

Always Remember to 

  • Walk around the vehicle – it takes 10 seconds to ensure the area is clear 
  • Listen and be aware – roll down windows and actively listen 
  • Eliminate distractions – turn down the radio, no phones, stop conversations 

Did You Know? 

  • The most common victim age is one year old - children under five years of age are at the most risk. 
  • High-profile vehicles such as trucks, vans, and SUVs, have the worst front and rear visibility. 
  • Mid-mornings or late afternoons are when the most accidents happen. 
  • Most accidents occur when a parent or guardian is driving. 
  • Backup cameras have blind spots!