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Protecting the Health and Safety of Eastern Montana

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Miles City, MT - While the 2021 Montana Legislative Session is only halfway done, it’s important to take a moment and thank Representative Ken Holmlund for his work in protecting the health and safety of Miles City and eastern Montana.

Recently, Rep. Holmlund stood up for common sense and protection of the most vulnerable. Specifically, he helped stop House Bill 415, which would have prohibited Holy Rosary Healthcare from requiring staff to be vaccinated against certain illnesses and influenza (we do not require our associates to have the COVID-19 vaccine, but we encourage it).

We have a long history in the United States of following recommendations from the CDC to require healthcare workers to have vaccines for illnesses such as measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chicken pox) and more. Vaccinations are a clinical best practice and a proven, evidence-based recommendation of the CDC to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare workers.

At Holy Rosary Healthcare, the safety of our patients and healthcare workers is our top priority. Thanks to the widespread use of vaccines, we have eradicated deadly, disfiguring and paralyzing diseases. Vaccines have saved countless children, adults and elderly from premature death and preventable, life-long disabilities. In hospitals and other healthcare settings, they’ve made the delivery of healthcare safer for both provider and patient.

This strong tradition has protected generations of Americans, and unraveling it makes no sense—especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Rep. Holmlund earned our thanks for keeping decision-making on clinical operations where it belongs: in the hands of local healthcare professionals, not lawmakers in Helena. We wish him well in the second half of the session and if you see him, join me in thanking him for standing up for the health and safety of our healthcare workers and patients we serve.

Karen Costello
President, Holy Rosary Healthcare

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