Wheat Ridge, Colo.,
14:02 PM

Mission: Exceptional patient care

Pepper Prince, RN (1)

Pepper Prince, RN, has worked in healthcare for over 20 years, and became a nurse in 2018. She pursued a nursing career with the emergency department specifically to develop skills for disaster relief and medical mission work, to which she has devoted her time over the years.

Pepper joined Lutheran in March 2023 because she had heard great things about Lutheran prioritizing patient-centered care. When recounting some of her fondest career memories, Pepper clearly cares passionately about helping patients.

While on a surgical mission trip, Pepper assisted with a surgery, removing an odor-causing tumor. Although the surgery could not prolong the patient's prognosis or life, it removed the odor, allowing them to spend time with loved ones during their last days.

Pepper shared another story of a patient hospitalized during her best friend's wedding, in which she was to be the maid of honor. The patient's distress was hindering her healing, so Pepper worked with a team to ensure the patient could attend the wedding virtually.

The highlights of Pepper's experiences working in the medical field and her appreciation for her teammates testify to her mission to provide exceptional patient care. Unsurprisingly, her care resulted in a donation on her behalf and a special call-out from a grateful patient, who remarked that Pepper was "wonderfully kind and attentive."

The Lutheran Foundation asks that you join us in congratulating and celebrating Pepper for this Circle of Care award!