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Making Your Mammogram Easy

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Miles City, MT - For more than 24 years, Nancy Volz has made the health of eastern Montana her top priority. Currently the Lead Mammography Technician at Holy Rosary Healthcare, she has always had an interest in radiology and offers a wealth of experience in her field. Seeing nearly 1,000 patients a year, Volz hopes to ease the stress that many patients experience leading up to their annual exam and make the process of getting a mammogram easy.

“There is a lot of nervousness that comes with this exam, but I recommend that a patient begins annual screening at the age of 40,” said Volz. “Catching breast cancer early makes the outcome much better.”

The radiology team has developed a personalized approach to making each patient feel comfortable during a not-so-comfortable procedure.

Volz visits with the patient about their health background to determine their breast cancer risk. For first time patients, she walks them through the step-by-step process of the mammogram prior to the exam so they have a better understanding of what to expect and knowledge of how the equipment works to make them feel more at ease. She has even taken the steps to make her work area look less like a hospital and more like home.

“The exam itself makes a lot of patients anxious, so I laid my office out to ease the tension of an uncomfortable procedure,” said Volz.

Prior to a patient's exam, they are asked to avoid wearing deodorant and lotion, as the sparkles that are in many of these products can show up on the exam screen and stick to the equipment. Patients are also given a warmed gown to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible.

Following the exam, it usually takes a few days for doctors to review the results. If the results come back normal, patients will receive a letter in the mail within two weeks. If they require additional imaging, Volz and her team contacts the patient via phone.

“I take pride in making a patient feel at ease,” Volz said. “I went into healthcare to help people. My patients are what keep me coming back to work each day.”

To schedule a mammogram with Nancy and her team, visit http://hrh-mt.org/mammography.

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