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Lutheran’s Gift Shop Reopens

Lutheran Medical Center Gift Shop (9)

We are excited to announce that Lutheran’s gift shop is now open for business! Due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, its doors have been closed for more than two years.  

The new and improved gift shop has a contemporary design and lots of amazing products from primarily local vendors. The new vendors were thoughtfully selected to provide a unique selection of affordable, high-quality gifts. The gift shop now offers a wide array of products for all ages that include clothing, home décor, flowers, toys, artwork, games, snacks and more.  

"It was important to me to bring in local artists and vendors and create a fun and unique shopping experience for our caregivers, patients and visitors,” said Heather Speaks, Manager of Integrated Health Services at Lutheran. 

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Several new vendors came to Lutheran on Aug. 1 to support the grand opening. Don Nigh, one of the owners of the Devil Dog Group, sells gourmet coffee. He and a group of friends from a men’s bible study started the company 10 years ago. Two are Vietnam veterans who wanted to give back by helping other veterans returning home. They donate a portion of the proceeds from all coffee sales to the Wounded Warrior Project and Hero’s Puppy for Life, an organization that provides service dogs to veterans and emergency first responders. “Lutheran is a fantastic hospital and we’re really lucky to partner with them,” Don said. 

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 Another vendor is Creations & Cork, owned by Greg and Kathy Bundick. They collect new and recycled corks from wine and champagne bottles and use them to create fun and unique home décor. Their products include cork boards with uplifting phrases made from Scrabble pieces, cork animals, Lazy Susans, birdhouses and more, all offered at the gift shop. Each year, 17 billion corks are thrown out. Greg and Kathy started the company 13 years ago to promote recycling and help keep corks out of landfills. They have recycled more than one million corks and sell their beautiful products across the state at craft and art shows, wine festivals and retail shops. “We are very honored that we were asked to sell our products at Lutheran and can’t wait to see how it goes,” said Kathy. 

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Lawrence Wyzgala owns Lawrence Allen Custom Glass where he makes stained and fused glass art pieces. His work includes 8x10 designs, an ornament line, candle holders and various wall pieces. In addition, he sells flowers and plants at a local garden store. His beautiful orchids are on display and can be purchased at the gift shop. “I worked with Leailia McVoss at Touch of Colorado years ago. We’ve remained friends and when she asked if I was interested in putting my products in Lutheran’s gift shop, I jumped at the opportunity,” he said. Leailia worked closely with Heather Speaks to select the gift shop vendors and assisted with helping merchandise the shop. 

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Cheryl Stolz owns and operates Too Wired Women Originals, which makes hand-crafted beaded and wired serving pieces including spoons, forks, tongs, coffee scoops and other gifts. She began the business with a friend in 2003 after reading a book about beading at her local library. It started as a hobby but grew into a successful business after she opened her own store, Gourmet Settings, almost two decades ago. She’s sold her products at various retail stores in Colorado and Florida over the years and is looking forward to the new partnership with Lutheran. “I’m very excited to be a part of the new gift shop venture at the hospital,” she said. “This will be really fun!” 

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Mike David has traveled to more than 50 countries around the world capturing beautiful images of his travels, as well as imagery from his home state of Colorado. He prints his photos on vinyl, then puts them on high-quality wood and other materials to create affordable and unique themed gifts and décor. His products include keepsake boxes, plaques, slate coasters, cutting boards, crosses and ornaments. His work is on display at galleries, museums and national parks throughout the U.S., and now in Lutheran’s gift shop. “I’m happy for the opportunity to sell my work at Lutheran and think it’s going to be a great fit,” he said.  

Come on down to the first floor and check out all the great new offerings for gifts, coffees and snacks!