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08:58 AM

Lutheran nurses have chance encounter of care

LMC_Sabryna Benavides, RN

Sabryna Benevides, a nurse at Lutheran Medical Center, was recognized for providing compassionate care to a coworker and mentor.

When two people dedicate most of their careers to one place, it's no surprise that they form a friendship, grow together, and share in the trials and triumphs of life with one another. Such is the case with Shelley Miller, RN, and Sabryna Benevides, RN. Shelley has been with Lutheran for 33 years, while Sabryna has worked at Lutheran for 16 years and has served in various roles in many departments, including hospice care with Shelley. 

Sabryna transitioned to Surgery/OR nearly a year ago, being drawn to the Circulator Nurse role because of its focus on patient care and teamwork to ensure that surgeries go as smoothly and safely as possible. By fate, Shelley and Sabryna crossed paths during Shelley's recent health emergency. 

Upon honoring Sabryna with a Circle of Care, Shelley recalls that chance encounter, sharing that when she found herself being prepped in the OR for a condition most people had never heard of, including her, she was delighted to discover that her OR nurse was the amazing RN she had watched professionally grow from an energetic and inquisitive CNA to a master's-prepared RN. 

Shelley wrote, “At that moment, all anxiety dissolved, and I peacefully drifted off to sleep holding Sabryna's hand.”

Sabryna feels she was assigned to Shelley's care that morning "out of pure alignment with the universe." 

Seeing Shelley's relief and happiness that she was with her in the operating room was one of the most touching experiences for Sabryna, who was honored to serve in the trusted care of a dear coworker. The connection and relationship between the pair are special after working alongside each other for over 14 years. 

Having started her career at Lutheran at age 18, Sabryna cherishes the relationships she has formed. She feels fortunate and blessed to work for an organization that supports its caregivers' growth and development. She also expressed immense gratitude for her close friends, colleagues, and family, like Shelley, that have supported her personally and professionally. 

"Lutheran has a one-of-a-kind culture with such caring people that have greatly inspired, mentored, and impacted my life over the years," Sabryna says. 

She extends enormous gratitude to the Foundation, Lutheran leadership, the OR team, and of course, Shelley (who she dubs "Mother Hen") for the recognition. She thanked all the caregivers here at Lutheran for the "special care that we provide for our community, and each other, around the clock." 

The Foundation returns the sentiment shared by Sabryna and thanks Shelley for honoring Sabryna and others who helped in her care. It allowed us to hear the stories behind two extraordinary caregivers that exemplify the excellence and dedication Lutheran is committed to.