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Grand Junction, Colo.,
10:39 AM

Intermountain Health to support West Springs Hospital

Behavioral health hospital owners agree to one-year term with St. Mary's Medical Center

Mind Springs, Inc., and St. Mary's Medical Center, now part of Intermountain Health, are pleased to announce a new agreement to transform patient quality and safety at West Springs Hospital. The one-year management services agreement fulfills the State of Colorado’s conditional licensure requirement for West Springs Hospital. Patient care and safety are the number one priority at West Springs Hospital. West Springs is here to serve the local community and the behavioral healthcare needs of patients on the Western Slope.

West Springs Hospital has been operating with full nursing staff and continues to improve its regulatory performance proactively. Work also continues with the state of Colorado through the hospital’s re-designed and state-reviewed quality and performance improvement (QAPI) process. West Springs Hospital continues to work collaboratively with the state of Colorado and other oversight agencies.  

Recognizing the power of collaboration and the local community, Mind Springs and Intermountain Health have agreed on a third-party management contract to support West Springs Hospital's operational oversight in Grand Junction. By pulling together the knowledge, skills, and resources of two hospitals, the contract aims to create a more comprehensive and efficient approach to addressing the conditional license requirement for West Springs Hospital by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) in June.

“This agreement represents an opportunity to partner with St. Mary’s and Intermountain to create additional positive change within the walls of West Springs Hospital,” said John Sheehan, CEO of Mind Springs, Inc. “By working with St. Mary’s, we can impact more patient lives positively.”

“Mind Springs is an essential part of the healthcare continuum, and we were happy to help support them when they approached St. Mary’s. It’s vital that the community step up to offer support at this time,” said President Bryan Johnson, St. Mary’s Medical Center. “Intermountain Health has strong behavioral health expertise in-house that we will tap into for this work.”  

Mind Springs is pleased to partner with another local, not-for-profit organization that puts the needs of patient health and safety and the community's local needs first. As the collaboration takes shape, West Springs Hospital will be enabled to maximize its impact and deliver more effective care to the community.