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Holy Rosary Telehospitalist Program Celebrates One Year Anniversary

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Miles City, MT - Holy Rosary Healthcare is pleased to share that its telehospitalist program has reached its one year anniversary. In collaboration with Sound Physician Group, the telehospitalists provide evening and overnight coverage for eastern Montana to ensure that the needs of hospitalized patients are met day and night. As a result of this program, nearly 40 patient/provider encounters take place per month through video technology.

“Providing high quality medical care, while improving patient access to meet the healthcare needs of our community is our top priority,” said Dr. Aung Ye Tun, Holy Rosary Healthcare Hospitalist. “The telehospitalist program at Holy Rosary is a great example of forward thinking and innovation as we utilize technology to better serve our patients in rural Montana.”

The Holy Rosary telehospitalist program has video capability with full access to electronic medical records, along with examination capacity to provide care to the patient at any time by a board-certified physician.

“The telehospitalist program has been a great addition to the existing telemedicine services provided at Holy Rosary,” said Eric Pollard, SCL Health Montana Regional Director of Virtual Health. “This technology allows for specialists to connect via video to talk, access, and treat patients remotely. The technology includes the capability to use a digital stethoscope for the specialist to listen to heart and breath sounds while hundreds of miles away. Patients who have used the service are thankful to be able to connect with a specialist so quickly and efficiently.”

When a patient comes to Holy Rosary between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m., they are first assessed by the emergency room provider, and if needed, admission is evaluated by the telehospitalist with video chat and examination. They are then seen by the local hospitalist the following morning.

The telehospitalist program also allows greater capacity to take care of more complex patients locally as they are evaluated and managed by different board-certified physicians on the telehospitalist team.

“The telehospitalist service expands upon the continuity of care that patients receive at Holy Rosary Healthcare. Patients can trust that they can have a board-certified doctor readily available at all times and that they will receive the exact same quality of care that our on-site hospitalist provides during the day throughout their hospital stay,” said Carol Enderle, Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Holy Rosary Healthcare. “Providing continuous care without delay produces the best outcomes for our patients and expands on the services that we are able to offer for our community. Keeping our patients close to home for their care is our priority.”

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