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Holy Rosary Healthcare Offers New State-of-the-Art MRI Technology

475x285 HRH MRI

Miles City, MT - Holy Rosary Healthcare is pleased to share that it has introduced a new MRI scanner to its facility -- the Canon Medical Vantage Orian 1.5 Tesla.

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanners use strong magnetic fields, magnetic field gradients and radio waves to create detailed images of organs or tissues in the body. It’s the best choice for evaluation injuries, tumors and digestive disorders and is preferred for brain and spinal cord imaging due to the soft tissue detail.

“A relaxed patient is key in MRI. This new scanner has reduced noise scans, a larger bore to accommodate larger patients and stronger fans for patient comfort,” said Tanis Eckart, Holy Rosary MRI Technologist. “Our patients listen to Sirius radio, choosing their favorite channel. We also supply lavender scented patches for relaxation.”

The scanner does not use ionizing radiation, however there are risks. The strong magnetic field can be dangerous for those with implanted devices, external devices and other metal items, so Holy Rosary has developed a comprehensive screening process for patients before scanning.

The new technology allows Holy Rosary to do more vascular imaging without contrast and produces sharper, clearer images. The MRI scanner also allows patients to continue receiving quality care, close to home.

“Having the latest software gives us the ability for updates as available. Advancements in medical imaging rapidly change and we feel fortunate to have the newest Canon MRI Scanner at Holy Rosary Healthcare,” Eckart said. “It’s a ‘work horse’ in radiology, as it is the only one in the surrounding area and is busy scanning all day Monday through Friday.”

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