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Holy Rosary Healthcare Now a Part of Montana Mission: Lifeline Stroke

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Miles City, MT - Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the first and fifth most common causes of death in the United States; both are particularly deadly because the acute nature of heart attacks and strokes requires time-sensitive treatment to save lives and reduce lasting disability. In rural areas, long distances to healthcare make timely treatment an even greater challenge. Thanks to a grant from the American Heart Association, Holy Rosary Healthcare will be able to improve stroke care as part of the Montana Mission:Lifeline Stroke.

Mission: Lifeline Stroke is a program for transforming stroke care by focusing efforts on connecting all of the components of acute stroke care into a smoothly integrated system that reinforces use of evidence-based guidelines, measures performance, identifies gaps, and engages in improvement projects at a systems level.

“The grant funds will help us not only to provide valued stroke education to our frontline healthcare providers, but it will also help us to improve processes related to stroke and quality improvements to ensure that we are meeting national standards. This then equates to exceptional patient care which leads to better patient outcomes,” said Holy Rosary Healthcare’s Trauma Program Manager, deAmbra Coleman, BSN, RN. “Recognition and the facilitation of stroke care does not only happen at the hospital. Many times it happens within the community or at home so early awareness of the symptoms is key. Being able to offer education and resources to our local community and emergency services is a proactive approach to saving lives.”

“The goal of Mission: Lifeline Stroke is to give patients in Montana the best possible chance at survival and recovery to an independent quality of life,” said Joani Guzman, American Heart Association Quality Systems Manager, Mission:Lifeline Stroke Montana.” It’s exciting to see the enthusiastic response the program is receiving from critical elements of the system throughout the state, such as Holy Rosary Healthcare. The end result will be a win for Montana stroke patients and their families.”

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