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Having a Baby During a Pandemic


Wheat Ridge, CO - Sean and Nikki Rossetter’s story of bringing a new life into their little family is a lesson in finding calm in a life storm. As families sometimes do, the Rossetters had life changes planned at the same time they were planning for a new baby.

The family, including 3-year-old Odin, moved to Denver from Wyoming late last year. Sean started a new job as the Director of Quality at Lutheran Medical Center. All was going according to plan. And then…

A worldwide pandemic began to creep into the state and the hospital. The house they lived in flooded and they spent weeks in a hotel, waiting on repairs. Finally, in late March, the family moved back in.

Amidst the chaos, deciding to come to Lutheran to have a baby could have created more stress. “I was worried about being in a hospital with COVID patients,” Nikki says. “I didn’t know if we would be protected from getting infected.”

Yet, the experience was better than any expectations she might have had. “Everyone was just incredible. All the staff, from nurses and doctors to the people cleaning the rooms. If they could teach all other hospitals how to do what they do, every one would be a five-star hospital!”

After a short labor in one of Lutheran’s well-appointed birthing suites, little Sunny Olivia made her appearance. Mom and Dad were able to spend precious time bonding with their new daughter.

“We appreciated that time, and the staff made it special,” Nikki says. “They were so respectful and teamed up whenever they needed to be in the room to check on us or to clean. That was so important to us.”

Sean knew all about the quality care and protocols in place at Lutheran for cleaning and disinfecting. Still, experiencing it from the patient perspective was gratifying. “One of the most meaningful moments we had was right after Sunny was born, when the nurse told us it was one of the most beautiful births she had ever seen,” he says. “I would like to think that most people who come here have an experience like that. It was very special for us.”

Those first few days in the hospital ushered in calmer times for the whole family. Sunny is thriving and Odin is getting the hang of being the big brother.

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