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Gala to Celebrate 140 Years at Mount Saint Vincent

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Foster mom Angela Pratt came to Mount Saint Vincent to offer her home as a safe space for children in crisis. She has since come to love the comprehensive children’s behavioral health program and the caregivers who have offered so much support to her. 

 Pratt became a foster parent a year ago and cares for two young children. As a single parent, Pratt relies on the Mount Saint Vincent preschool program. In addition, both of her children receive therapy through Mount Saint Vincent’s pediatric behavioral health program.  

 “I benefit from Mount Saint Vincent being a wholistic organization,” said Pratt, who works in children’s ministry at a church. “The ways that the different programs and departments work together has allowed me and my children to flourish.  

 “Without that interconnectedness and depth of therapeutic programs and resources, my kids wouldn’t be with me,” she said. The program has helped her children be successful.  

 On November 11, Denver’s Mount Saint Vincent, part of the Intermountain Health system, will celebrate 140 years of helping many children and families find success.  

 The annual Silver Bell Ball will celebrate caregivers, supporters, alumni, and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth – the founders of Mount Saint Vincent. 

 Pratt knew that if any of her church students were in crisis, she would volunteer to care for them.  

 “Then I saw this need for safe, caring stable adults to create a space for kids to land when families are enduring hardship. Foster care was an extension of my life calling,” she said.  

Pratt grew up in Denver and continues to live in the area. She said she had many adults in her life who cared for her growing up. It now feels like a “sweet opportunity” to be that caring adult in another child’s life.  

 Mount Saint Vincent caregivers help her fulfill that role, she said.  

 One night, around 11 p.m., she called Mount Saint Vincent because one of her children had an outburst in her home and created quite a mess. Pratt was stunned when the caregiver offered to come to her home to help clean up.  

 “That’s unheard of,” Pratt said. “That’s the kind of support we get. We are doing this in partnership with all these other people who also care deeply about children’s wellbeing and creating healthy adults who will give back to this city in the future.”  

The foster program is one of Mount Saint Vincent’s core services which also include the community preschool and pediatric behavioral healthcare. The behavioral healthcare services offer day treatment and education, outpatient therapy, and in-home therapy. 

Founded as an orphanage by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas, in 1883, Mount Saint Vincent has continuously evolved to meet the community’s changing needs for children and their families.  

Across the nation and in Colorado, there’s a mental health crisis among youth. To meet the increasing need for mental health services, Mount Saint Vincent is expanding its pediatric behavioral health program to best serve children and families in today’s environment. The organization’s mission is to partner with children and families to heal beyond trauma into a healthy and hopeful future. Mount Saint Vincent helps people live the healthiest lives possible. 

“Mount Saint Vincent has a history like no other. We have over 140 years of changing lives,” said Darah Meyer, clinical director.  

The Silver Bell Ball is held each year to raise money to support programs at Mount Saint Vincent. The event includes live and silent auctions, dinner, dancing, and live music. Sponsorships and ticket packages to support the event are available. The event is 5:30 p.m.,  Saturday, November 11 at the Denver Grand Hyatt.