Wheat Ridge, Colo.,
11:26 AM

Connecting Through Care

Miranda 2

While Miranda Berumen, Patient Care Technician, has been certified as a nursing assistant for many years, she has been at Lutheran just a year. Her favorite part of the job is connecting through care to her patients. 

Miranda enjoys talking with patients, hearing stories about their lives and families, seeing photos, and sharing a bit about herself. She is currently pursuing her Registered Nurse licensure, which she shared with a patient during their recent hospital stay.  

The grateful patient sent a Circle of Care donation in honor of Miranda and commented, "Wish you well in your studies. I bet you'll do great!"  

Miranda cherishes what she does because she loves helping people and making a difference. She states, "Bringing a smile to a patient when they are going through a rough time is my goal." 

Joining Lutheran's talent share pool has allowed Miranda to work on different nursing units and to experience more. She loves working in healthcare and adores the staff and atmosphere at Lutheran. The feeling is mutual, and we thank Miranda for dedicating her time, compassion, and talent to offering our community authentic connections and outstanding care.