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Compassionate Palliative Care in Miles City


Miles City, MT - It has been more than 5 years since Kenny Lentz had his first congestive heart failure exacerbation. As a Miles City resident for more than 60 years, he’s been continuously satisfied by the quality care that he has received from the associates of Holy Rosary. In particular, he has received weekly personalized care from Holly Parsons, a Registered Nurse in Palliative Care.

“It’s nice having Holly to come over and help me,” Lentz said. “She is great and very dependable.”

Following Lentz’s first congestive heart failure exacerbation in 2015, Parsons has made it a point to be as proactive and attentive as possible during her home visits with the patient.

“If it weren’t for her, I might not be here,” he said. “She spotted the symptoms of an exacerbation of heart failure before it happened and got me in the hospital before my second heart attack.”

During Parson’s visits with Lentz, she helps him set up prescriptions and checks his vital signs to ensure that he is feeling okay. Holly has started to realize when Kenny is truly not feeling normal, versus just typical flu or cold symptoms.

“I know his normal,” she said. “And I know when he is not being normal.”

Parsons noted that Lentz was her very first patient following her start as a palliative nurse in 2015, but their relationship has evolved into more than just a nurse-patient interaction -- it has developed into a lasting friendship.

“She comes over to torment me once a week,” joked Kenny. “Torment is a good word.”

Parsons mentioned that if Lentz ever calls and says that he does not feel right, that she always makes time and is responsive in setting up a visit to his house. To keep the bad days as minimal as possible, she has developed a checklist to ensure that he is healthy. She also has made a card for him to carry in his wallet so he does not forget what medication he should take. The card lists what he is allergic to, his resuscitation preference, and reminders of the medication he is supposed to take on a given day.

Since Kenny’s first heart attack, he had surgery, has joined physical and cardiac rehabilitation programs, and has been receiving consistent care from Holly. Because of the quality of care that he receives from Holly and the rest of Holy Rosary’s team, he has shown significant improvement.

“I suggest this kind of care for anyone,” said Lentz. “Holly has really helped me.”

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