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Holy Rosary Physical Therapists Provide Compassionate Care

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By Rob Brugger, Director of Therapy Services, Holy Rosary Healthcare

Miles City, MT - Physical therapy as a career generally attracts caring, supportive, compassionate, and patient people. Amy Tooke, a Holy Rosary Healthcare physical therapy assistant (PTA) and athletic trainer, embodies many of those characteristics. She is one of those people who never seems to run out of energy, and is always the first to step in if there is a need in the hospital or community.

One of Amy’s team members recently shared, “There isn’t a day that goes by where Amy doesn’t find at least one way to help someone else, and all on top of being a wife and a mother of three.”

Most notable to those around her is how she goes above and beyond to help the patients she works with every day. She is a strong patient advocate and promotes cooperation and collaboration for the best care for her patients. While Amy shows extraordinary commitment to everyone she serves, there is one situation in particular that stands out.

Matt Bickle suffered a stroke while driving his truck, causing a roll-over accident. Because of the accident, Matt suffered a massive brain hemorrhage. Matt spent two initial months in the hospital healing from his injuries and the stroke.

Once he became minimally responsive, Amy began working with him five days a week in physical therapy to help him heal and progress. Amy worked to meet Matt’s unique physical, emotional, and practical needs by doing her own extensive research so that she could better communicate with him. Amy worked tirelessly to help Matt with his mobility, and cheered him on through every victory.

Tammy Holmes, Matt’s wife, explained that Matt doesn’t bond easily with people, but because of Amy’s compassion, empathy, and respect, he took to her quickly. After three months of intensive in-patient physical therapy, Matt was able to return home and continue therapy in an outpatient setting. Tammy shared that Amy came to their home to check on Matt on multiple occasions. To her, it was clear that Amy cared far beyond what her job required, saying, “The biggest thing with Amy is this isn’t a job to her, it’s her passion.”

October is national physical therapy month and we would like to thank Amy, and all of our physical therapists, at Holy Rosary Healthcare for the service and care they provide to our patients and community.

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